Can you get COVID-19 from a package delivery?

Posted by Sara

After the pandemic invaded the world, more people turned to package delivery to avoid crowded places and limit physical contact. Yet, is it possible to get covid19 from a package?

  • Package delivery safety: Is there any risk of infection?

You may be suspicious about package delivery’s safety. In fact, according to a source, coronavirus can stay up to 3 hours in aerosols, 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on cardboard, and around two to three days on plastic. 

We should keep in mind that packages are usually transported over days, and in some cases weeks. For that, it’s hardly possible that the virus will survive. 

On the other hand, the threat is more likely between the pickup phase by the delivery agent. Their exposure to the virus can be due to their contact with many clients and colleagues while transporting and delivering packages. 

The good news is that there is no concrete proof that covid-19 can transmit through contaminated packages, as the World Health Organization hasn’t reported any previous cases like this before. 

  • What measures can be done to limit the risk of contamination?

Staff safety measures:

Delivery agents delivering packages at the doorsteps of clients should follow crucial safety measures:

  1.  Maintaining social distancing: Delivery agents should keep their distance from the client, two meters at a minimum.
  2. Wearing masks: staff should wear their masks all the time.
  3. Contactless delivery: Not sharing any tools with clients. For instance, tablets or pens.
  4. Sanitizing hands: Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers continuously, especially before and after meeting with a client. 
  5. In case employees got symptoms, they have to be quarantined 

What can you do?

In case you are still very worried about this matter, it’s okay. There’s no harm to take some precautions. Here are few steps you can do when receiving a package:

  1. Make sure you wear your mask when receiving the package 
  2. Wipe the package with disinfectant 
  3. Wash your hands 
  4. You can leave the package in a clean place for a couple of days
  5. Try paying electronically to avoid any contact 


Package delivery and shipping are very important and make our lives easier and more comfortable, especially with the impact of covid-19 on trucking industries. Remember that nowadays, nothing is 100% safe. Instead, we should only be careful and watch out for our safety.