Transportation Services

Transportation is an essential service of linking a company to its suppliers and customers, and it can be a vital competitive force for businesses if properly executed.

Our services include land freight delivery of trucks with comprehensive logistical services through

medium and heavy trucks, delivery, installation, and interior designs for vehicles equipped for safe transportation.

We provide comprehensive, world-class innovative Transportation solutions that correspond to the ever-changing market demands.

Trucks delivery

The field of truck delivery services for individuals and professionals is one of the most reliable transportation services. Thanks to our years of experience, Whether it is the delivery of equipment, home appliances, furniture, Itech products, parcels and so on, national or international.. we are able to guarantee the safety and punctuality of our deliveries.

Installation & Assembling

The field of installation and assembly services consists of a team of installers consisting of employees who have at least 15 years of business experience with electrical certifications. Our service includes assembling equipment for housing, operating household appliances, restoration of old equipment damaged in authorized channels for recycling, kitchen installation service.

Building maintenance

Our company provides building maintenance services that include a variety of tasks, depending on the client’s work, organization, or building specifications, by carrying out general repairs, such as inspection, evaluation, repairing, risk identification, and preventive maintenance of systems.


We offer recycling services, by which We aim to take back the old device for destruction in the channels authorized to recycle and transform the waste into new raw material and keep it in circulation.

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Building Maintenance

We provide building maintenance services for your apartment, villa, and office space ranging from flooring, marble, installation, painting, carpentry, plumbing, to electricity.
We assist in-home repairs with a wide range of affordable repair, expert and professional technicians, professional state of the art tools, improvement, and remodel services.
We strive to provide efficient environmental services and solutions for appropriate recycling and waste disposal

Safe & Secure

You profit from our deep knowledge and past experience in providing effective solutions to the complex worldwide supply chains of few of the world's biggest organisations.

Fast Delivery

You profit from each innovation we make sure to incorporate in our services, whether the latest advances trucks or any development in warehousing.

24/7 Support

All of which clarifies why you'll find our team to be of remarkable help, prepared to invest their energy and passion for solutions in support of your business